Competence in development

Albonair constantly works on developing its innovative products even further. We do not rest on our laurels. We strive to develop ever better solutions – for our customers. We use our expert know-how, our experience and our team spirit to meet our development objectives. In the development of our components and systems, we use the local requirements of our markets as orientation.

Extensive trials in which the calculated system properties are tested and optimized, as well as continuous inspections of our products, ensure that we can meet our high quality objectives. Our competencies include design engineering with customary CAD systems, as well as the use of CFD tools for fluid flow calculations. Testing equipment such as environmental chambers and shaker tables for durability tests, as well as testing facilities in the form of stationary and mobile engine test cells, guarantee the high quality of our exhaust aftertreatment systems.
Albonair Urea Dosing Systems
Albonair laboratory

Competence in manufacturing

We produce the components of our systems in-house, always at the site where it makes the most sense from an economic viewpoint. All Albonair facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring production on a high level of technological sophistication. The use of new production processes provides us with a significant competitive advantage.