German engineering for clean air

Not only our customers, but also the environment profits from our innovative exhaust aftertreatment systems. Our products help to protect the environment, because they play a significant role in reducing air pollutants in the exhaust gas of vehicles. We contribute to making the air that we breathe cleaner. Especially in industrial countries, where the high level of motorization - especially in urban centers - has a large impact, our systems come into play.

We are aware of the responsibility that we carry for future generations. Even during the development and production process, we follow European standards in the material selection and ensure the recyclability of our products. Adherence to environmental standards is a decisive factor in the selection of our suppliers.

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Environmental Certificate ISO 14001

421899 - Albonair GmbH - certificate - Englisch - 2018-11-29Environmental Management is an important component of the integrated management system at Albonair. With the perpetuation of DIN EN ISO 14001, we are contributing to environmental and climate protection. Consequently we are aware of our social responsibilities and arrange for a conscious handling of resources.

With several environmental protection activities throughout the entire product life cycle, we decrease the impact on the environment and our climate.